7th Grade
Sundown, TX


John grew up in Rowlett, TX, graduated high school in 1989, joined the military in 1994, and graduated from Hardin-Simons University in 2000. He began teaching at Sundown ISD in 2005 where he especially enjoyed working with struggling students. He has earned Master’s degrees in Special Education and Education Leadership, and a Doctorate of Education from Texas Tech University. John is now an Assistant Principal at Ashworth Elementary in Arlington, ISD.

John believes that the future of our society is based upon our ability to change and grow. In order to thrive in this atmosphere, every graduate will need to achieve these goals: be a creative problem-solver, a lifelong learner, and an effective communicator. This personal growth is the essence of our challenge as educators, for without growth there can be no learning.

John recognizes the diversity of learning styles among my students, and believes in providing a variety of strategies to make learning accessible to all students. He believes it is important that a teacher find diverse ways to capitalize on these learning differences in a democratic atmosphere that fosters cooperation rather than competition. Group work should play a large role in the classroom, for it allows both a hands on investigation of the content and an opportunity to build social skills. Group work also allows for individual strengths to be highlighted within the safety of the group.

His goal as an educator is to help his students grow academically, morally, and socially. By respecting the differences of each student's personality and learning style, he seeks to enable each student to grow to become the life-long learner and active citizen needed in our society. John will do all that he can to ensure that all students learn and are successful.