1st Grade
Idalou, TX


Margaret is a first grade teacher at Idalou Elementary School in Idalou, Texas. Margaret states that she has been blessed to teach first graders at Idalou Elementary School for 27 years! During these years, Margaret has noted that she has been stressed, elated, frustrated, and exhausted by twists and turns as the educational system changes, but one thing for sure, she has never been bored in her teaching career.

Margaret is a 1984 graduate of Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas and credits her mentor, Dr. Joyce Hardin, for putting her feet on the right path to becoming a professional educator. Margaret believes a good teacher has to be organized, resourceful, loving and fearless. She credits her longevity in the classroom to her love of seeing the “AHA!” moments when something clicks for a child who is learning something new. She thoroughly enjoys the quiet satisfaction of seeing all the growth that has occurred by the year’s end in each of her students.

When Margaret is not in her classroom, she can be found with her husband and children, scrapbooking, reading, or pinning way too many things on her Pinterest board. Margaret confesses that she believes in the CASE theory for keeping her teaching fresh; “Copy and Steal Everything” you see from other educators to make learning engaging for students. She also believes in sharing her ideas and strategies that have worked for her students, especially those who have learning challenges.