Development Team and Advisory Committee

Project IDEAL Development Team

  • Dr, DeAnn Lechtenberger, Project Director
  • Dr. Nora Griffin-Shirley, Project Coordinator
  • Dr. Doug Hamman, Project Evaluator
  • Tonya Hettler, Grants Manager
  • Dr. Karen McNamara-Spears, Consultant
  • Gale Stocks, Consultant
  • Dr. Derrick Smith, Consultant
  • Dr. Amy Parker, Consultant
  • Eric Grimmett, Consultant
  • Stephanie Hart, Consultant
  • Elizabeth Hennington, Consultant
  • Lan Liu-Gitz, Consultant
  • Li Zhou, Consultant
  • Stephanie Sokolosky, Consultant

Project IDEAL Advisory Committee

The Texas Council for Development Disabilities requires grant recipients to convene their grant project's Project Advisory Committee (PAC) quarterly to review and discuss the progress of the project. In compliance with this requirement, the current PAC Members are:

  • Dr. Aretha Marbley, Texas Tech Counselor Education
  • Dr. Connie Anderson, Texas Tech Curriculum and Instruction
  • Juanita Barker, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services
  • Dr. Pam Tipton, Texas Tech Teacher Certification
  • Dr. Peggy Johnson, Texas Tech Language and Literacy Education
  • Dr. Rona Pogrund, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Suzy Jackson, Special Education Director for Frenship Independent School District
  • Tim & Dolores Upp, Community and Parent Partners
  • Dr. Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, Texas Tech Bi-Lingual Education
  • Dr. Richard Evans, Angelo State University, Special Education Programs