Specific Roles of Special Educators in Serving Students with Disabilities and their Parents

The main role of the special education teacher is to provide instruction and support which facilitates the participation of students with disabilities in the regular classroom.

The special education teachers should:

  • Serve as case managers and be responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of students’ IEPs.
  • Provide the necessary information to the classroom teacher prior to the child entering the general education classroom regarding the student’s disability, medical concerns, and/or equipment operation (ways to meet unique needs).
  • Collaborate with the general education teacher in adapting the curriculum, providing appropriate modifications, ensuring the implementation of modifications, and assessing overall progress of the child.
  • Develop schedules and supervise plans for paraeducators.
  • With the general education teacher, develop and supervise plan for paraprofessional duties.
  • Complete and maintain all assigned student’s records (i.e., IEP, ESYP, documentation, progress report, behavior plan, etc.).
  • Maintain contact with the assigned student’s parents or family.
  • Maintain collaborative relationship and goodwill with general educators.
  • May team teach lessons, either small group or whole class (Boyer & Mainzer, 2003).


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