Attitudes and Beliefs About Special Education and Students with Disabilities



The text for this module will provide framing information as well as a review of the literature pertaining to the special education understandings or attitudes of prospective teachers. Within the scope of the text, which draws heavily from McNamara Spears (2002), there will be reference made to activities that the teacher educator may choose to use in class with prospective teachers. If the teacher educator finds it appropriate, the activities may be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze his/her own beliefs about students with special needs and topics related to special education
  2. Gain a sense of the general characteristics of prospective teachers and the public school student population
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of pertinent concepts and vocabulary specific to educational issues explored in this module (e.g., terminology associated with special education)
  4. Consider the literature and research in the area of special education understandings/beliefs