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Cara is a 6th grade math teacher and has been teaching for 13 years. She chose to teach because she wanted to work with children and to help them. She chose math because it was her favorite subject in school.

QUESTION 1: Share a challenge that you have faced in providing quality instructions for all students, including those with disabilities.

The most difficult challenge that Cara faces in working with providing instruction for all students, including those with disabilities is trying to keep all students engaged with such a wide range of learning abilities all in the same class. With student abilities ranging from inclusion students to gifted and talented it is a challenge to provide learning activities that allow them to each progress at an acceptable rate.

QUESTION 2: What strategy or teaching method have you implemented to address these challenges?

Cara uses hands-on activities such as manipulatives and play-dough as well as movement activities such as having students walk a number line and scavenger hunts in the classroom in order to keep them engaged.

QUESTION 3: How and where did you learn to work with learner differences in your classroom?

Cara learned to work with learner differences by experience, learning through trial and error, and from other teachers.


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