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Cindy was inspired to work with students by two role models she had while in high school and has been teaching for 14 years.

QUESTION 1: Share a challenge that you have faced in providing quality instructions for all students, including those with disabilities.

There is a wide range of student ability levels in Cindy’s classes ranging from students with learning difficulties to students who are gifted and talented.
The greatest challenge Cindy has faced is the ability the keep all students challenged an on-task.

QUESTION 2: What strategy or teaching method have you implemented to address these challenges?

1. Cooperative Learning
2. Activities “on-the-side” to keep student interested and engaged

QUESTION 3: How and where did you learn to work with learner differences in your classroom?

Cindy learned to work with different learning differences while on the job, from other teachers, and from professional development workshops.


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