Specific Roles of General Educators in Serving Students with Disabilities and their Parents

The main roles of the regular classroom teacher are to plan, coordinate, schedule, and evaluate curriculum and instructional outcomes within a secure and positive classroom environment for all students, including those with disabilities.

The general education teacher should:

  • Develop and implement weekly lesson plans that facilitate the participation and learning of all students
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of all students
  • Maintain communication with students, parents or guardians
  • Meet with special education teacher on a regular basis and provide information necessary for modifications and adaptations to be developed and implemented
  • Work collaboratively with special education teacher to assist in development of a support plan that meets the needs of all students in the classroom, assist in the development of the paraeducator’s schedule, and supervise the paraeducator’s completion of designated activities when in the general education classroom.
  • Keep the special education teacher informed as to the performance of students with disabilities in your class on a regular basis. Further, provide a copy of midterm grades and assign report card grades collaboratively with the special education teacher.

The general education teacher must first and upmost buy into the concept of inclusive programming and paraprofessional supports. General education teachers will need to make sure that they understand their role and expectations. General education teachers must collaborate with the special education teacher as to the role and assignments of both the student with a disability and the paraprofessional (Boyer & Mainzer, 2003).


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